Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 Pound Melt Down

Lose 10 Pounds Fast
Daily I am asked the same question, in one way or another, “Which is more important diet or working out if my goal is to lose weight?” My response is the same: They are equally important. One can not be fully effective if the other is ignored. So as I present this diet to you, please keep in mind that this is only part of the equation. You must exercise, regularly. And by that I would like to advise you further to engage in regular cardiovascular activity as that works your heart and lungs, and burns more calories while exercising. Weight bearing exercise, such as a workout on the selectorized machines, increase lean muscle mass and gives you the metabolism boost most of us are seeking. Today I read a study from Tufts University showing the participants who coupled their weight loss eating plan with an exercise program involving cardiovascular activity, weight training and regular stretching lost 44% more fat than those participants that only followed a weight loss eating plan.

1 c cooked oatmeal (150)
¼ c blueberries (21)
1 small banana (105)
Calories 276

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cure for Winter Blues

Cure for Winter Blues

Outsmart energy zappers this winter with these tricks of the fitness trade:
Mid Day Slump
Waking up in the chilly mornings to a HOT, steamy shower seems like the perfect way to start the day however has been linked to mid morning slump. The issue is the hot shower increases the core temperature and then slowly drops as the day continues triggering the brain to release melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone.
During the winter months decrease the temp of your shower to warm and decrease the length of showering time to 3 minutes or less. Stay keen and alert. 
Sluggish and Sad?
Did you know 1 in 4 women struggles with sugar imbalances and craving carbohydrates and difficulty controlling increased weight gain are quick clues? Studies indicate that a decrease in sunlight interfere with the pancreas’ ability to keep insulin and blood sugar level steady. 
Enjoy high fiber, protein rich meals. Research confirms that at least 2 ounces of protein and at least 1 cup of 100 percent whole grains, produce or grains stabilize blood sugar effectively.
Feeling Pooped and Out of Gas?
A recent study from Penn State explains the main symptoms of winter blues is not sadness but fatigue. Researchers explain signs are irritability, anxiety, physical aches and pains.
Foot massage! According to the research, our feet are covered with thousands of nerve endings which when stimulated release antidepressants. So rub your feet for 2 minutes, three times per day and the scientists say you will restore your energy level 50% in 3 weeks.
Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert
Results Health and Fitness Center Chandler, Arizona

Tantalizing Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Tantalizing Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Carving Pumpkins? Discover the savory taste of home roasted pumpkin seeds. They are so easy. Just:
Rinse seeds and let dry.
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Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.
Spread seeds on a greased cookie sheet, in a single layer.
Spray seeds with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt.
Roast in oven for 25 minutes or until the seeds are lightly browned.

For added flavor sprinkle the seeds with:

Savory – Sprinkle with garlic salt and a dash of onion powder instead of salt.
Spirited – Sprinkle a combination of salt and cayenne pepper.
Zesty and Zippy – Forget the cooking spray and drizzle vinegar over the seeds and than sprinkle with salt.

Place seeds in an airtight container and they will save for weeks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

List of Foods to Boost Your Metabolism After 40

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Boost Your Metabolism and Stay Healthy
    Everyday I am asked numerous questions about the “best” diet or how can I lose weight quickly, lose weight permanently,  lose weight by tomorrow, lose weight for my hot date Saturday, lose weight for my reunion is a week….and the list goes on and on. The mistake is searching for the perfect diet where as the focal point should be which foods will benefit me most. The following is a list of my favorite foods and why.
    Apple.  Sometimes those old folk stories do get it right. “An apple a day will help keep the doctor away” An apples carries quercetin, a flavonoid that helps to prevent prostate cancer. One study by the National Cancer Institute reported that foods containing flavonoids like the ones in apples may reduce lung cancer by 50%. Additionally, apples are one of the best sources of boron. Boron is a mineral that has bone building properties. Pectin in the apple is great for your gut as well as detoxifying.
    Beans.  Beans are considered one of your best weight loss tools as they are high in cholecystokinin which is a natural appetite suppressant. Because beans are high in fiber they help to keep your sugar level and lower cholesterol.
Blueberries are the Best Brain Food
    Blueberries. Not only do they taste great, blueberries are great for your brain. Blueberries contain compounds like anthocyanin that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These are important in the defense against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Even more interesting is the fact they help the neurons in the brain communicate more efficiently. Just ½ cup per day will keep your brain young and even in some studies have shown to reverse deterioration.
    Broccoli:  The latest discovery in fantastic anti-cancer ingredients. Broccoli is often considered the royalty of veggies and fights cancer by neutralizing carcinogens.
    Cinnamon.  In these days of the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, cinnamon stands out with its incredible ability to work synergistically with insulin to maintain sugar levels. Cinnamon can also help with painful joints and muscle stiffness. One USDA study showed that just a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon a day lowered the blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
    Eggs.  It is no secret that I love eggs. Eggs are nearly a perfect food as they are a convenient source of low fat protein that can be added to any meal to balance carbohydrates.  They improve HDL cholesterol and help manage overall cholesterol. They are plentiful, loaded with vitamins and inexpensive. Other considerations for eggs as a super food are the fact they are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin k, protein, calcium, as well as they are also one of the best sources of protein known to man. They contain all nine essential amino acids, loaded with vitamins and minerals that help your eyes, your brain and your heart. Eggs are also loaded with choline which is an essential nutrient that must be consumed to maintain good health. And thank goodness they are easy to prepare.
    Grapefruit. The grapefruit diet may have some validity after all. A study at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla indicates that participants with metabolic syndrome and that were served “fresh grapefruit” lost a significant amount of weight. Additionally, insulin resistant participants improved.
    Green tea.  Antioxidants called catechins are what help speed metabolism and fat burning. Green tea contains very powerful antioxidants shown to enhance the immune system and fight cancer cells. Theanine in green tea is a natural de-stressor.
    JalapeƱos.The active ingredient capcaisin found in jalapenos is a vasodilator, which enhances circulation causing your body to burn extra calories for hours after you ingest them, speeding up both your heart rate and metabolism.
    Oatmeal. So what is so great about oatmeal?  Oats are simply a great source of fiber and contain a nice fix of soluble (55%) and nonsoluble (45%).  The soluble fiber in oats contains the beta-glucan, which is a polysaccharide which helps lower cholesterol levels and decrease risks of cardiovascular disease. Beta-glucan also enhances the body’s immune system
Eat Wild Salmon
    Spinach. Calorie for calorie, spinach provides more nutrients than most other foods on the planet. Loaded with Vitamin K, calcium, vitamin D, spinach is a good substitute for those who do not like milk. Spinach also contains 13 flavonoids with anti cancer properties. These flavonoids protect against prostate, skin, colon and bone cancer. Spinach is also good brain food as it reduces neurological damage, improves vision and is a good source of iron. Popeye had something going for him.
    Wild Salmon: Fish in general is high in protein, low in calories and provides a variety of health benefits. Keep in mind that wild salmon and farmed salmon are two completely different creatures. My suggestion is only eat wild salmon. Their omega-3 fats offer cardiovascular protection. Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory and improves brain function, memory, skin, and kidney function.

Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert
Results Health and Fitness Center, Chandler, AZ

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Effects of Alcohol on Weight Loss?

What effect does alcohol have on weight loss?
   Alcohol has 7 calories per gram and metabolizes much like fat. More importantly they are all empty calories as alcohol has no vitamins or mineral. Many alcoholic beverages have high sugar content. Alcohol can also inhibit your self control which may lead to overeating. To put in blunt -  alcohol slows your metabolism, reduces appetite self control and encourages over eating.
    If you are attempting to lose weight and one of your dieting tools is reduction in food intake, it is best to choose foods that are categorized as a good source of vitamins and minerals and not empty calories. Alcoholic beverages with the lowest calories are 12 oz. of light bear, 5 oz. wine or 1 oz. of liquor: each containing approximately 100 calories. 
Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert
Owner, Results Health and Fitness Center