Sunday, June 13, 2010

Protect your Family from Diabetes

Protect your Family from Diabetes
While diabetes is not contagious, sharing a certain lifestyle can make one more susceptible to the disease. For instance if your husband or wife has a favorite evening activity of watching the television while munching away on chips and drinking beer before dinner and eating a bowl full of Blue Bunny Coffee ice cream just before bed, chances are you share some of the same routines. You can reverse your chances of diabetes by following these steps:
1. Share a healthy breakfast each morning together. Individuals that make breakfast a part of their normal morning routine are less likely to develop insulin resistance syndrome, which is the precursor to diabetes.

2. Limit the number of hours you watch television. Studies indicate that for every 2 hours spent in front of the TV. your risk of diabetes increases by 14% simply because we tend to eat more and burn less.

3. Make a Standing Date to Walk. Even a little bit of exercise will boost insulin sensitivity. Aim for a nice, brisk walk for 30 minutes every evening.
Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert             
Results Health and Fitness Center

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