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Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss

Strategies for Weight Loss
For permanent weight loss, reset your body and mind because this is a life long endeavor. Monday I had the funniest request from a member that was missing in action for several months. She ate her way through the holidays surviving on cookies and cocktails, and now it is time to come to terms with reality, back to Tammi. The funny part was her request to be back in shape by Friday. She wanted quick weight loss solutions to her end of the year (and into part of the new year) gluttony and she was ready for one solid week of penance. Our week is over but during the first workout she was reintroduced to some strategies for permanent weight loss and are now tattooed on her hypothalamus.

Exercise to Loss Weight
This is not new news however exercise is probably the single most important factor of successful weight loss and long term maintenance. Find any activity or better yet, several activities that you enjoy as you will be more apt to participate on a regular basis. I promise you will get “hooked” on all the positive attributes exercise provides.
Records and Review for Weight Loss
Journaling every lick, bite and shallow can be a huge asset in successful weight loss as many people eat without being conscious of the amount they eat. A review of your journal can also identify emotions and behaviors that trigger overeating. Study any patterns that emerge from your dairy and identify where you can make healthful adjustments.

Emotional Eating
All too often we eat out of boredom, anger, depression, stress and other emotions. Targeting and developing different outlets and behavior skills can lead to weight loss success.
Weight Loss Support
It is wonderful to have a solid support system in place when you are trying to lose weight. We all know it can be a chronic endeavor to make it on your own. A solid support group gives you face to face accountability and probably more importantly, for pep talk and cheer section when the successes come your way.   
Eat Early-Eat Often for Permanent Weight Loss
Breakfast – the meal of champions. The key is to eat within an hour of waking and develop an eating schedule that is consistent. Enjoying 5 to 6 small meals per day with consistent intervals through out the day keeps the metabolism busy burning calories. Much like adding twigs to the fire, keep your body stoked with small meals.
Salt Don’t Shake It
High intake of sodium triggers your body to retain fluids. Be on the look out for sodium in all of your food however, the majority (up to 75 percent) of sodium that Americans consume comes from sodium added to processed foods by manufacturers. Sodium may also be added to medications, so it is important to read your labels. Many experts believe that lowering daily consumption to no more the 1,500mg of sodium daily would be healthy.
  • Sodium-free – less than 5 milligrams of sodium per serving
  • Very low-sodium – 35 milligrams or less per serving
  • Low-sodium – 140 milligrams or less per serving
  • Reduced sodium – usual sodium level is reduced by 25 percent 
  • Unsalted, no salt added or without added salt – made without the salt that's normally used, but still contains the sodium that's a natural part of the food itself
Take a Furlough from Sugar       
Although one chocolate chip cookie is fine in theory, it is difficult to stop there. Sweets and alcohol trigger the cravings for more sugar, and place your attempts at abstinence in peril.
Refrain from Wheat
Wheat based breakfast cereals triggers appetite and water retention and is best replaced by oats and grains such as millet and quinoa.
Eat Slowly
It takes your brain approximately 20 minutes to inform the rest of the hunger systems to stop eating. If you wait until you are famished and gobble your food, you may overeat.  Accelerated eaters often eat beyond their levels of fullness before the 20 minute sirens have a chance to sound, “STOP”. Just keep in mind that the amount of calories consumed before you begin to feel satiety can vary significantly depending on the chomp pace.
Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert    
Results Health and Fitness Center

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