Monday, August 2, 2010

Guidelines to Vitamins: Are you taking the recommended daily intake?

Vitamins and Minerals (Fat Soluble)
Recommended Daily Intake
Where can I find them?
Functions within the body
Vitamin A
900 micrograms
Sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots
Maintains vision and overall eye health. (insufficiency can cause night blindness)
Vitamin D
5 micrograms
From sunlight naturally, eggs, and fortified milk
Mineralizes bones (insufficiency can cause rickets)
Vitamin E
15 milligrams
Plant oils,  nuts, and wheat germ
Antioxidant that stabilizes cell membrane
Vitamin K
120 micrograms
Green leafy vegetables
Part of synthesis for proteins in blood-clotting
Vitamins and Minerals (Water Soluble)
Recommended Daily Intake
Where can I find them?
Functions within the body
Thiamin (B1)
1.2 milligrams
Pork, enriched grains, and nuts
Helps functions of the nervous system and metabolism (insufficiency can cause beriberi)
Riboflavin (B2)
1.3 milligrams
Meat, dairy, leafy vegetables (green), and enriched breads & cereals
Maintains support for skin health, vision, and metabolism.
Niacin (B3)
1.6 milligrams
Milk, eggs, chicken, meant, fish, enriched & whole grains, and nuts
Helps functions in enzyme metabolism (insufficiency can cause pellagra)
Vitamin B6
1.3 milligrams
Meat, chicken, fish, fruit, potatoes, enriched grains, and soy
Contributes to the functions in amino and fatty acid metabolism , niacin, and maintains red blood cells
Vitamin B12
2.4 micrograms
All animal products
Maintains nerve cells and new cell synthesis
400 micrograms
Green leafy vegetables, seeds, and grains
Associated with new cell synthesis and prevention neural tube defects

Tammi Jacobs, Health and Wellness Expert
Owner, Results Health and Fitness Center


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  2. Thanks for the guidelines. Regular intake of Supplements helps in a lot of ways. Eating foods rich in different vitamins and minerals also helps.